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Digital called lights system

Item No.:DP1103 / DP2103 / DP3103
Description :

Called lights system ─ There are two types of single device and connection, providing the most convenient system service to the waiting persons.
 ● The single device is called system, such as a doctor presses the key in the consulting room and the outside called lights display the number.
 ● Connection includes wireless and wired transmission.

The advantage of connection system ─ Outpatients can use their waiting time flexibly, and allow the hospital to control individual progress.                 
Application ─ Can set up large display panel in hospitals, restaurants, shops and saloons...etc. It also can apply to electric products.


Product name

Single device Wired connection type Wireless connection type
Model no. DP1103  DP2103  DP3103
Display Bright red seven segment display with 3~4 digits in 4 inches high. Detachable design is convenient for maintenance.
  Transmission mode Single device operation RS485 ZigBee
  Transmission spec.          X 9600/N/8/1   2.4GHz
Transmission power         X                    X          18dbm
Transmission band         X                    X
Voltage input
AC 100~240V50/60Hz
Operation temperature  
 Display390(W) x 165(H) x 45(D)
 Number called keypad110(W) x 180(H) x 90(D)
 Other equipments              X                X Need collocate with data collection and transponder.
Installation type  Wall mounted type,Easy Installation own DIY
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