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Emergency call host
Item No.:SG-EV01A
Description :

RS485 connection, can be connected to circuit transmitters, aisle displays, PC and other devices, can display real-time time and alarm is triggered, can be controlled to 320 alarm points.


LCD touch screen emergency call host
Item No.:SG-EV01X
Description :

 A single host can connect with 64 circuit transmitters and control up to 320 alarm points. can be set alarm location display location code and time , also can connect with circuit transmitter,passageway display, PC…other alarm device etc.

Nurse call intercom host
Item No.:SG-EV01V
Description :

Nurse call intercom host basically accommodate 63-bed pagers, if install transmission interface can extend to 1024-bed pagers. When talk over the host can converse to a single bed or broadcast to all hospital beds, Can connect the computer graph software control, Can link passageway display, Can expand digital voice compound device and set timer to auto play voice or music…

Emergency call intercom host
Item No.:SG-20CH
Description :

The two sides intercom emergency system host displays the object by ring and indicator. Can speak to the intercom handset or communicate with the intercom handset. Apply to public places, parking lots, schools, hospitals and nursing homes.

EverGuard monitoring software
Item No.:Easy2006
Description :

Record the action of access card machine and the emergency call host.

Emergency call system software
Item No.:BA-1500R
Description :

The emergency call system is integrated by SOS chart control computer, emergency button , alarm module ( DO Module), security module ( DI module ), alarm linked module ( 8DI/8DO~ 16DI/16DO ) and network switch interface, with high integration and system extensibility, able to meet the requirement of distributed multi-point SOS system with high stability. Graphic control software provides high recognition interface, effectively improve the emergency response speed of the security personnel .

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